1. Generating sales.
2. Constructing a database of potential clients.
3. An opportunity of collaborating with existent and potential clients.
4. Informing the clients about the products, offers and facilities of your company.
5. Gathering client feedback.
6. Conducting market studies.
7. Testing new products and services.
8. Promoting your company’s brand.
9. Identifying new partners and distributors.
10. Obtaining a mass media impact.

What we will do as organizers?

We will organize an event in which you can present your business to professional visitors and the general public.
We will publicize the event to attract visitors interested in your products and services.
We will provide our services to create the best framework for presenting your offer.

What do you have to do yourself?

Book a stand at the fair in good time.
Prepare an attractive offer for the visitors, that will lead them to choose you for starting a business partnership.


The success of a specialized trade fair is due in large part to well targeted promotion campaigns.
Local and regional media: print, online websites, TV, radio.
Online publications on agriculture and food industry - media partnerships with all major online publications.
Banners, flyers, posters.