The Multifunction Center in Craiova, a building of over 11.000 square meters, comparable with Romexpo, offers to the exhibitors all the necessary facilities and has modern gear and state of the art electrical equipment.
Architecturally, the Central Pavilion is an ample building with basement, ground floor and another 2 floors, with a total height of 27 meters. The circular shape with a diameter of 80 meters is completed by surrounding terraces and ramps which connect the floors. Floors 1 and 2 are built as an under-descent through successive withdrawals creating a central atrium.
The building houses 23 office spaces, exhibition spaces, 4 conference halls, other spaces needed for the well-running of the activities inside the building. Visitor flow inside the building is ensured by 6 stairways and 4 panoramic elevators. The administrative personnel and clients use 2 eight-people capacity elevators, 4 secondary stairways and 2 two-ton cargo elevators.

Technical data:
-useful surface: 12.600 square meters;
-expanded surface: 15.600 square meters;

For the well-running of activities, around the building there are:
-exhibition spaces: 2.860 square meters;
-parking spaces: 330 spaces in the South area and 34 spaces in the North area;
-green spaces: 11.000 square meters;
-car and pedestrian lanes for access in the parking lot and building.
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